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Biology of the Transmission of Peach Mosaic Virus by Eriophyes insidiosus (Acari: Eriophyidae)

December 1998 , Volume 82 , Number  12
Pages  1,371 - 1,374

Carmen Gispert , Department of Entomology , George N. Oldfield , Department of Plant Pathology ; Thomas M. Perring , Department of Entomology ; and Rebecca Creamer , Department of Plant Pathology, University of California, Riverside 92521

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Accepted for publication 8 September 1998.

Experiments were undertaken to elucidate the characteristics of the transmission of peach mosaic virus (PMV) by Eriophyes insidiosus. Transmission efficiency by single E. insidiosus was as high as 17%. The minimum inoculation access period was between 3 and 6 h. E. insidiosus acquired the virus after a minimum acquisition access period of 3 days. No latent period was demonstrated. While most plant viruses which are transmitted by eriophyid mites are transmitted in a persistent mode, our data are more consistent with a semipersistent model.

Additional keywords: bud mite, Eriophyoidea

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