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A Host-Specific Biological Control of Grape Crown Gall by Agrobacterium vitis Strain F2/5: Its Regulation and Population Dynamics

May 2013 , Volume 103 , Number  5
Pages  427 - 435

Supaporn Kaewnum, Desen Zheng, Cheryl L. Reid, Kameka L. Johnson, Jodi C. Gee, and Thomas J. Burr

Department of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology, Cornell University, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, NY 14456.

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Accepted for publication 8 December 2012.

Nontumorigenic Agrobacterium vitis strain F2/5 is able to prevent crown gall caused by tumorigenic A. vitis on grape but not on other plant species such as tobacco. Mutations in a quorum-sensing transcription factor, aviR, and in caseinolytic protease (clp) component genes clpA and clpP1 resulted in reduced or loss of biological control. All mutants were complemented; however, restoration of biological control by complemented clpA and clpP1 mutants was dependent on the copy number of vector that was used as well as timing of application of the complemented mutants to grape wounds in relation to inoculation with pathogen. Mutations in other quorum-sensing and clp genes and in a gene associated with polyketide synthesis did not affect biological control. It was determined that, although F2/5 inhibits transformation by tumorigenic A. vitis strains on grape, it does not affect growth of the pathogen in wounded grape tissue over time.

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