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Liquid Formulation of the Postharvest Biocontrol Agent Candida sake CPA-1 in Isotonic Solutions

April 2003 , Volume 93 , Number  4
Pages  436 - 442

Maribel Abadias , Josep Usall , Neus Teixidó , and Immaculada Viñas

Postharvest Unit, CeRTA, Centre UdL-IRTA, 177 Rovira Roure Avenue, 25198 Lleida, Catalonia, Spain

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Accepted for publication 28 October 2002.

Viability of the postharvest biocontrol agent Candida sake CPA-1 stored as liquid formulation was evaluated by studying the effect of growth, preservation medium, and temperature. C. sake was grown in molasses medium with unmodified water activity (aw) and in the same with aw modified to 0.98 with the addition of several solutes. Cells were preserved with isotonic solutions of different substances. Efficacy of liquid formulations stored for different periods was tested against infection by Penicillium expansum on apples. The best growth media were the (unmodified one and those modified to 0.98 aw with the addition of glycerol or sorbitol. For all growth media, the best preservation medium was the isotonic solution prepared with trehalose. When the effect of trehalose concentration in the preservation medium was studied, generally, at trehalose concentrations below the isotonic one, C. sake viabilities increased with increased trehalose. However, the best results were obtained when cells were preserved with the trehalose solution which was isotonic with cells. After 7 months of storage at 4°C, cells that were grown in the sorbitol-modified medium and preserved with the isotonic solution of trehalose (0.96 M) maintained their viability and efficacy against P. expansum infection of apples.

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