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Fitness of Botrytis cinerea Associated with Dicarboximide Resistance

November 2000 , Volume 90 , Number  11
Pages  1,246 - 1,249

R. Raposo , V. Gomez , T. Urrutia , and P. Melgarejo

First and fourth authors: Department of Plant Protection, CIT-INIA, Ca. Coruña km 7, 28040 Madrid, Spain; and second and third authors: Department of Vegetable Protection, 04004 Almeria, Spain

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Accepted for publication 24 July 2000.

Fitness costs in Botrytis cinerea associated with dicarboximide resistance were studied. Spearman rank correlation coefficients were calculated between resistance to iprodione and survival ability both outside and inside the greenhouse, measured on isolates randomly chosen from a collection done in a survey of commercial greenhouses in Southeastern Spain in 1992. Survival was measured at 47, 83, and 110 days as percentage of surviving mycelia in a sample of artificially inoculated tomato stem pieces and as percentage of viable sclerotia from a sample of sclerotia produced on potato dextrose agar. Resistance to iprodione was measured by the fungicide concentration that reduces fungal growth by 50% (EC50 values). Significant (P < 0.05) negative correlation coefficients between survival of sclerotia and resistance to iprodione were found for some samplings dates, which indicates that sclerotia of resistant isolates survive less well than sclerotia from sensitive isolates. For mycelia, no relationship between survival and resistance was found.

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