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Further Evidence that Shallot Yellow Stripe Virus (SYSV) Is a Distinct Potyvirus and Reidentification of Welsh Onion Yellow Stripe Virus as a SYSV Strain

February 1999 , Volume 89 , Number  2
Pages  148 - 155

R. A. A. van der Vlugt , P. Steffens , C. Cuperus , E. Barg , D.-E. Lesemann , L. Bos , and H. J. Vetten

First, third, and sixth authors: DLO Research Institute for Plant Protection (IPO-DLO), P.O. Box 9060, NL-6700 GW Wageningen, the Netherlands; and second, fourth, fifth, and seventh authors: Biologische Bundesanstalt für Land- und Forstwirtschaft (BBA), Institut für Pflanzenvirologie, Mikrobiologie und Biologische Sicherheit, Messeweg 11-12, D-38104 Braunschweig, Germany

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Accepted for publication 16 October 1998.

An antiserum to shallot yellow stripe virus (SYSV) was raised and used in combination with a range of other antisera to potyviruses of Allium spp. in electron microscopic decoration experiments. The serological results corroborated an earlier finding that the type isolates of SYSV and Welsh onion yellow stripe virus (WoYSV) are closely related to each other and only distantly related to onion yellow dwarf (OYDV) and leek yellow stripe (LYSV) viruses, the two other major potyviruses infecting Allium spp. Moreover, the decoration results indicated that Japanese potyviruses named OYDV and Wakegi yellow dwarf virus are isolates of SYSV. Sequence analysis of the 3′-terminal regions of the SYSV and WoYSV ge-nomes revealed coat protein (CP) amino acid and 3′-nontranslated region (3′-NTR) nucleotide sequence identities of 95 and 89%, respectively. The CP amino acid and 3′-NTR nucleotide sequences of these viruses differed from those of OYDV and LYSV by >25 and >67%, respectively. The serological and molecular studies showed that SYSV and WoYSV are different strains of a potyvirus distinct from OYDV and LYSV. For priority reasons, we propose that these strains together with the Wakegi-type isolates of OYDV described in Japan be referred to as SYSV and that SYSV isolates from Allium spp. other than shallot be designated as the Welsh onion strain of SYSV (SYSV-Wo).

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