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The 5′ Noncoding Region of Grapevine Chrome Mosaic Nepovirus RNA-2 Triggers a Necrotic Response on Three Nicotiana spp

April 1999 , Volume 12 , Number  4
Pages  337 - 344

Isabelle Fernandez , Thierry Candresse , Olivier Le Gall , and Jean Dunez

INRA, Station de Pathologie Végétale, BP 81, 33883 Villenave d'Ornon Cedex, France

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Accepted 9 December 1998.

The 5′ noncoding region (NCR) of grapevine chrome mosaic nepovirus (GCMV) was cloned in a viral vector derived from potato virus X (PVX). The recombinant virus obtained was inoculated to Nicotiana benthamiana, N. clevelandii, and N. tabacum plants. Infected plants developed necrotic symptoms in place of the vein clearing and mosaic typically observed after inoculation with PVX. Northern (RNA) blot analysis showed that the replication of PVX was not specifically altered by the presence of the GCMV 5′ NCR. Inoculation of recombinant PVX harboring deleted forms of the GCMV 5′ NCR showed that the three stem-loop structures at the 3′ end of the 5′ NCR (nucleotides 153 to 206) are dispensable for the induction of necrosis. Further deletion analysis indicated that neither the 5′-most 70 nucleotides of the 5′ NCR nor the downstream region (nucleotides 71 to 217) alone is able to induce the necrotic symptoms. In the presence of both the sequence encoding the GCMV coat protein and the GCMV 3′ NCR, the GCMV 5′ NCR failed to induce necrosis in the PVX background. The mechanisms by which the expression of the 5′ NCR might modify PVX symptoms are discussed.

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