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Congratulations to the 2016 APS Foundation Awardees

​The APS Foundation is excited to announce the names of 63 individuals who received awards from the APS Foundation in 2016, totaling $39,797 in awards. Awardees will be recognized during the opening session of the 2016 APS Annual Meeting in Tampa. Special thanks to everyone who donated to the APS Foundation! Your continued support makes these opportunities possible. Be sure to visit the Foundation’s booth at the annual meeting to learn more about funding opportunities and to help support future leaders in plant pathology!

Books for the World Award
Therese Atcham Agneroh, National Polytechnic Institute Felix Houphouet--Boigny
Tinatin Doolotkeldieva, Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University

Browning Plant Medicine and Health Travel Award
Joshua Jay Miller, University of Nebraska - Lincoln 

French-Monar Latin American Award
Renan Macedo, Universidade Federal de Goiás 

Frank L. Howard Undergraduate Fellowship Award
Allison Izsak, Cornell University

Lucy Hastings de Gutiérrez Award for Excellence in Teaching
Forrest W. Nutter, Iowa State University 

Noel T. Keen Award for Research Excellence in Molecular Plant Pathology
Adam J. Bogdanove, Cornell University 

Don and Judy Mathre Educational Endowment Award
Members of the South Dakota State University Plant Science Department Phillip Alberti, Paul N. Okello, Taylor Olson,  John Posch 

Don & Judy Mathre Student Educational Award
Nichole Ginnan, University of California, Riverside 

16 I.E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium
Sara Klee, Penn State University
Michael L. O'Leary, University of California, Davis
Jeannette Rapicavoli, University of California
Alicia Truchon, University of Wisconsin Madison
Yucheng Zhang, University of Florida 

International Travel Award
Lucia Maramara Borines, Visayas State University 

JANE International Service Award
Jean B. Ristaino, North Carolina State University 

Raymond J. Tarleton Student Fellowship Award
Aparna Petkar, University of Georgia 

Schroth Faces of the Future Early Career Professionals Symposium Awardees
Daniel J. Anco, Clemson University
Nik J. Cunniffe, University of Cambridge
Sydney E. Everhart, University of Nebraska
Chakradhar Mattupalli, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Hillary L. Mehl, Virginia Tech Tidewater AREC


Student Travel Awards

José and Silvia Amador Student Travel Award
Juliana Pereira, University of Florida

Kenneth F. Baker and R. James Cook Student Travel Award
Minglu Gao, The University of Georgia

Myron K. Brakke Student Travel Award
Alfredo Diaz Lara, Oregon State University

J. Artie and Arra Browning Student Travel Award
James Orrock, University of Florida

Caribbean Division Student Travel Award
Mayra Parra, Universidad de Los Andes

H. J. Dubin Student Travel Award in honor of the Peace Corps
Mayara Mari Murata, University of Florida- Citrus Research and Education Center

Zahir Eyal Student Travel Award
Andrew Edward Sathoff, University of Minnesota

John F. Fulkerson Student Travel Award
Russell J. Ingram, University of Georgia

Joseph P. Fulton Student Travel Award and Dennis Hall Student Travel Award
Nathan F. Miller, North Carolina State University

Efrat Gamliel-Atinsky Student Travel Award
ChengFang Hong, University of Georgia

Gustaaf A. and Ineke C. M. de Zoeten Student Travel Award
Nicole Bacheller, Nebraska Center for Virology

Arthur Kelman Student Travel Award
Prem P. Kandel, Auburn University

Tsune Kosuge Student Travel Award
Alex Blacutt, University of Georgia

Stuart D. Lyda Student Travel Award and Harry E. Wheeler Student Travel Award
Morgan A. Gray, University of California

William Moller Student Travel Award
Robin Choudhury, University of California

John S. Niederhauser Student Travel Award
Jillian M. Lang, Colorado State University

Roger C. Pearson Student Travel Award
Madeline Dowling, Clemson University

Eugene E. Saari Student Travel Award and John F. Schafer Student Travel Award
Emily A. Meyers, North Carolina State University

Luis Sequeira Student Travel Award               
Claudio Vrisman, Ohio State University

Turfgrass Pathology Student Travel Award
Elisha Allan-Perkins, University of Massachusetts

Elsie J. and Robert Aycock Student Travel Award
Chase R. Crowell, Cornell University

Kenneth and Betty Barker Student Travel Award and John M. Barnes Student Travel Award
Ellie Walsh, Ohio State University

William Malcolm Brown, Jr. Student Travel Award and Landis International Student Travel Award
Mason J. Newark, University of Florida

C. Lee Campbell Student Travel Award
Karasi B. Mills, Ohio State University

*Dow AgroSciences Student Travel Award and Joseph M. Ogawa Student Travel Award
Scott D. Cosseboom, Cal Poly Strawberry Center

Eddie Echandi Student Travel Award
Davide Sardella, University of Malta

Forest Pathology Student Travel Award
Dixie Daniels, Oregon State University

Robert W. Fulton Student Travel Award
Brian Allen Hodge, The Ohio State University

Richard Gabrielson Student Travel Award
Abby Beissinger, Washington State University NWREC

Raymond G. Grogan Student Travel Award
Yiwen Xiang, University of Illinois

Stephen A. Johnston Student Travel Award
Camilo H. Parada Rojas, North Carolina State University

Kyung Soo Kim Student Travel Award and Evanthia D. and D. G. Kontaxis Student Travel Award
Alex Corrion, Michigan State University

Joseph Kuc Student Travel Award
Jonathon E. Smith, University of Arkansas

Don E. Mathre Student Travel Award
Michelle E. Marks, University of Wisconsin

Donald E. Munnecke Student Travel Award
Haoxi Li, University of Georgia

Albert Paulus Student Travel Award
Rodger John Belisle, University of California

Malcolm and Catherine Quigley Student Travel Award
Zhian N. Kamvar, Oregon State University

Milt and Nancy Schroth Student Travel Award
Frances Baker Browne, University of Georgia

Malcolm C. Shurtleff Student Travel Award
Rachel Medina, Ohio State University

Janell M. Stevens Johnk Student Travel Award
Joshua Havill, University of Minnesota

H. David Thurston Student Travel Award
Daniel Chen, University of California, Riverside

Virology Student Travel Award
Elizabeth Cieniewicz, Cornell University