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Congratulations to the 2015 APS Foundation Awardees

The following 75 individuals received awards from the APS Foundation in 2015, collecting a total of $43,750 in funds. Awardees will be recognized during the opening session of the 2015 APS Annual Meeting in Pasadena.

Special thanks to everyone who donated to the APS Foundation! Your continued support makes these opportunities possible. Be sure to visit the Foundation's booth at the Annual Meeting to learn more about funding opportunities and to help support future leaders in plant pathology!

Books for the World Award
Muhammad Ibrahim Khaskheli and Faheem Uddin Rajer, Sindh Agriculture University
Tsitsi Nyamupingidza, Chinhoyi University of Technology
Olanrewaju Folusho Olotuah, Adekunle Ajasin Univ

Browning Plant Medicine and Health Travel Award
Rebecca Barocco, University of Florida

French-Monar Latin American Award
Paola Alejandra Picos-Muñoz, Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo

Lucy Hastings de Gutiérrez Award for Excellence in Teaching
Michael G. Milgroom, Cornell University
Eric B. Nelson, Cornell University

Frank L. Howard Undergraduate Fellowship Award
Jared Mohr, Cornell University

International Travel Award
Abdul Rehman, University of Agric Faisalabad

JANE International Research Award
Erica M. Goss, University of Florida

JANE International Service Award
Rebecca J. Nelson, Cornell University

Noel T. Keen Award for Research Excellence in Molecular Plant Pathology
Thomas J. Baum, Iowa State University

Don and Judy Mathre Education Endowment Award
Members from the North Carolina State University Plant Pathology Outreach Team
Alyssa Koehler
Emma Lookabaugh
Kestrel L. McCorkle
Lucky Mehra
Roslyn Noar
Megan L. Sexton
William C. Sharpee
Anna Thomas
Emma C. Wallace

Don & Judy Mathre Student Educational Award
Manisha Rath, USDA and University of Georgia

15th I. E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium
Kiersten A. Bekoscke, Cornell University
Robin Choudhury, University of California, Davis
Zachariah R. Hansen, Cornell University
André Aguiar Schwanck, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
Stephen Wyka, University of New Hampshire

Plant Pathology Experiential Award - Department
Josielle S. Rezende (Team Leader) and the PPCP GSA, Louisiana State University

Plant Pathology Experiential Award - Individual
Jade Florence, Oregon State University

Schroth Faces of the Future Early Career Professionals Symposium
J. Alfonso Cabrera, Bayer CropScience
Shiyan Chen, Cornell University
Travis R. Faske, University of Arkansas
Paulo Vieira, USDA

Raymond J. Tarleton Student Fellowship
Anna Thomas, North Carolina State University


Student Travel Awards

José and Silvia Amador Student Travel Award 
Leilani G. Sumabat, University of Georgia

Elsie J. and Robert Aycock Student Travel Award
Javier Tabima, Oregon State University

Kenneth F. Baker and R. James Cook Student Travel Award
Alyssa Koehler, North Carolina State University

John M. Barnes Student Travel Award 
& William Malcolm Brown, Jr. Student Travel Award

Ana Bossa-Castro, Colorado State University

Myron K. Brakke Student Travel Award
Yu Zhang, University of Missouri-Columbia

J. Artie and Arra Browning Student Travel Award
Anna L. Testen, The Ohio State University

C. Lee Campbell Student Travel Award
Bethany SP Grabow, Kansas State University

Caribbean Division Student Travel Award
Freddy Arturo Magdama, Pennsylvania State University

Gustaaf A. and Ineke C. M. de Zoeten Student Travel Award
Nicole Mihelich, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dow AgroSciences Student Travel Award 
& Landis International Student Travel Award
Paul W. Kachapulula, University of Arizona

H. J. Dubin Student Travel Award (In honor of the Peace Corps)
Sanjay Pokhrel, Louisiana State University

Eddie Echandi Student Travel Award
Tuan Minh Tran, University of Wisconsin

Zahir Eyal Student Travel Award
Lucky Mehra, North Carolina State University

Forest Pathology Student Travel Award
Demetra Skaltsas, University of Maryland

John F. Fulkerson Student Travel Award
Sarbottam Piya, University of Tennessee

Robert W. Fulton Student Travel Award
Washington L. Da Silva, Cornell University

Joseph P. Fulton Student Travel Award 
Dennis Hall Student Travel Award
Michael Kovens, Missouri State University

Richard Gabrielson Student Travel Award
Jason D. Zurn, North Dakota State University

Efrat Gamliel-Atinsky Student Travel Award
Jeff Delong, University of Georgia

Raymond G. Grogan Student Travel Award
Bhanu Priya Donda, Washington State University

Stephen A. Johnston Student Travel Award
Adrienne M. Gorny, Cornell University - NYSAES

Arthur Kelman Student Travel Award
Matthew Tancos, Cornell University

Kyung Soo Kim Student Travel Award 
& Evanthia D. and D. G. Kontaxis Student Travel Award
Mariko Matsuda Alexander, Cornell University

Tsune Kosuge Student Travel Award
Maxwell Fishman, Cornell University

Joseph Kuć Student Travel Award
Roshan Sharma Poudel, North Dakota State University

Don E. Mathre Student Travel Award
Kelley R. Paugh, University of California, Davis

Harold "Sande" McNabb, Jr. Student Travel Award
Augustine Beeman, Iowa State University

William Moller Student Travel Award
Lindsey D. Thiessen, Oregon State University

Donald E. Munnecke Student Travel Award
Brian M. Ingel, University of California, Riverside

John S. Niederhauser Student Travel Award
Shunping Ding, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Albert Paulus Student Travel Award
Nan-Yi Wang, University of Florida

Roger C. Pearson Student Travel Award
Sarah J. Bardsley, Pennsylvania State University

Malcolm and Catherine Quigley Student Travel Award
Deusa D S Abreu, University of Cambridge

Milt and Nancy Schroth Student Travel Award
Stacey E. Haack, University of California, Riverside

Luis Sequeira Student Travel Award
Alejandra I. Huerta, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Malcolm C. Shurtleff Student Travel Award
Shan Gao, University of Georgia

George Herman Starr Student Travel Award 
& Turfgrass Pathology Student Travel Award

Andrew Scruggs, North Carolina State University

Janell M. Stevens Johnk Student Travel Award
Duncan Kroese, Oregon State University

H. David Thurston Student Travel Award
Alejandro Rojas, Michigan State University

Virology Student Travel Award
Jessica Rupp, Kansas State University