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2012 Foundation Awardees

The following 48 individuals received awards from the APS Foundation, totaling nearly $32,000 given in 2012. Special thanks to all of the APS Foundation donors for making this support possible. The awardees will be recognized at the APS Annual Meeting during the Opening Session. Be sure to stop by the foundation’s booth in Providence to help celebrate their 25th Anniversary and continue to create possibilities for plant pathology!

Browning Plant Medicine and Health Travel Award | Tara Wood, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
French-Monar Latin American Award | Gabriela Romero Estevez, University of Puerto Rico
Lucy Hastings de Gutiérrez Award for Excellence in Teaching | William W. Bockus, Kansas State University
Frank L. Howard Undergraduate Fellowship | Ana Ibarra, Hartnell College
JANE International Service Award | Lawrence E. Datnoff, Louisiana State University
JANE Research Award | Njukeng Jetro Nkengafac, IRAD, Cameroon and Patricia Milner, USDA-ARS
Noel T. Keen Award for Research in Molecular Plant Pathology | Vitaly Citovsky, Suny at Stony Brook
12th I. E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium | Mala Ganiger, Louisiana State University, Jonathan M. Jacobs, University of Wisconsin, Timothy Miles, Michigan State University, Imana Power, University of Georgia
Schroth Faces of the Future Early Career Professionals Symposium | Dawn R. Bignell, Memorial University, Leonardo De La Fuente, Auburn University, Wenbo Ma, University of California-Riverside, Lindsay R. Triplett, Colorado State University
Raymond J. Tarleton Student Fellowship | Cassandra L. Swett, University of California-Davis

2012 Student Travel Awards

Elsie J. and Robert Aycock Student Travel Award
Christie V. Almeyda, Washington State Univ

José and Silvia Amador Student Travel Award
Ebrahiem M. Babiker, Washington State Univ

Tsune Kosuge Student Travel Award
Vasileios Bitas, Penn State Univ

Robert W. Fulton Student Travel Award
Darlene Cabanas, Univ of Hawaii

The William Moller Award and The Joseph M. Ogawa Award
Luisa F. Castiblanco, Michigan State Univ

Arthur Kelman Student Travel Award
Yun Chen, Nanjing Agricultural Univ

The Larry W. Moore Award and The John F. Schafer Award
Luisa F. Cruz, Auburn Univ

H. David Thurston Student Travel Award
Washington L. Da Silva, Louisiana State Univ

The Myron K. Brakke Award and The Gustaaf A. and Ineke C. M. de Zoeten Award
Jill E. Demers, Penn State Univ

Stephen A. Johnston Student Travel Award
Amara R. Dunn, Cornell Univ

Malcolm C. Shurtleff Student Travel Award
Kathryn Fiedler, Virgina Tech

Virology Student Travel Award
Ana C. Fulladolsa, Univ of Wisconsin

Janell M. Stevens Johnk Student Travel Award
Paul R. Giordano, Michigan State Univ

John F. Fulkerson Student Travel Award
Anja Grabke, Clemson Univ

Albert Paulus Student Travel Award
Jennifer Carol Himmelstein, Univ of Maryland

J. Artie and Arra Browning Student Travel Award
Martha Hincapie, Univ of Florida

Luis Sequeira Student Travel Award
Alejandra I. Huerta, Univ of Wisconsin

H. J. Dubin Student Travel Award in honor of the Peace Corps
Andrew Jurgens, Univ of Illinois

The Dennis Hall Award and The Eugene E. Saari Award
Emma Lookabaugh, North Carolina State Univ

Donald E. Munnecke Student Travel Award
Phillip A. Lujan, New Mexico State Univ

John S. Niederhauser Student Travel Award
Chakradhar Mattupalli, Univ of Wisconsin

The Harry E. Wheeler Award and Forest Pathology Award
Megan McConnell, Univ of Maryland

Roger C. Pearson Named Student Travel Award
Richard Ryan McNally, Michigan State Univ

Malcolm and Catherine Quigley Student Travel Award
Roslyn Noar, North Carolina State Univ

The Kenneth and Betty Barker Award and The Stuart D. Lyda Award
Krishna D. Puri, North Dakota State Univ

Don E. Mathre Student Travel Award
Alamgir Rahman, Penn State Univ

The Eddie Echandi Award and The Richard Gabrielson Award
Anna C. Seidl, Univ of Wisconsin

Caribbean Division Student Travel Award
Jose Pablo Soto-Arias, Univ of Wisconsin

Kenneth F. Baker and R. James Cook Student Travel Award
Carly F. Summers, Cornell Univ

The Zahir Eyal Award and The Efrat Gamliel-Atinsky Award
Belachew Asalf Tadesse, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)

Raymond G. Grogan Student Travel Award
Michelle Warr, Louisiana State Univ