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Miravis®: A new fungicide for control of Fusarium wilt in cucurbits

Jeannette Rapicavoli: Syngenta Crop Protection

<div>Members of the plant family Cucurbitaceae are affected by several special forms of the destructive vascular wilt pathogen <em>Fusarium oxysporum</em>. While the use of resistant cultivars remains one of the most economical methods for control, long-term survival of chlamydospores in the soil and the evolution of new races makes management of Fusarium wilt extremely difficult. Under development by Syngenta Crop Protection, Miravis® is a new fungicide for control of Fusarium wilt in cucurbits. Miravis® contains the active ingredient Adepidyn® fungicide (pydiflumetofen), a novel, potent a.i. in the new N-methoxy-(phenyl-ethyl) pyrazole carboxamide group of the carboxamide chemical class. Soil applications of Miravis® demonstrated exceptional control of Fusarium wilt compared to chemical standards. Field trials conducted across the Southern United States over the past several years have consistently demonstrated both a reduction in disease incidence and crop enhancement benefits leading to higher yields.</div>