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Investigating the longevity and host range of Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus in the Northern Territory, Australia
David Lovelock: Department of Primary Industry and Resources; Nadine Kurz: Department of Primary Industry and Resources; Sharl Mintoff: Department of Primary Industry and Resources; Merran Neilsen: Department of Primary Industry and Resources; Lucy Tran-Nguyen: Department of Primary Industry and Resources
<div><i>Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus</i> (CGMMV) is a tobamovirus that is able to infect a number of economically important cucurbits crops. The first detection of CGMMV in Australia was reported in the Northern Territory (NT) in September 2014; 26 properties in the NT have now been identified as CGMMV positive. As of February 2017, CGMMV has also been detected in Queensland and Western Australia. Initially all infested properties (IP) in the NT were placed under quarantine for a period of two years, where all host plants including cucurbitaceae weeds were destroyed. Previous research had indicated CGMMV was viable for up to 9 months in host free soils. Four IP with varying soil types and climates in the NT were chosen to determine the longevity of the virus starting at 12 months into quarantine, using watermelon and cucumber. At 12, 15 and 18 months of the quarantine period, 80 soil samples were collected from each IP, with plant bioassays conducted to determine the viability of any remaining virus. A field trial was also conducted on all four IP at the 12 month soil sampling point. At the initial test period of 12 months, 2 IP from the bioassay and 1 IP from the field trial tested positive for CGMMV, while all 4 IP tested positive in the 15 month bioassays. Because of this discovery, the status of other non-cucurbit commercial crops and selected weeds is being tested to determine the risk of transmission of CGMMV in a wider range of plant host.</div>

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