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Losses, regrets and expectations: an overview of attaching value to disease management decisions
Neil McRoberts: University of California-Davis
<div>While not being entirely neglected by plant pathologists, economics has not so far been incorporated into our discipline as comprehensively as it has in cognate disciplines such as weed science and entomology; there is no equivalent in plant pathology of the Journal of Economic Entomology. At an applied level there is, of course, a long-standing interest in comparing different crop mangement approaches using cot-benefit and cost effectiveness approaches. However, if we consider the concept of ecnomics in its wider sense as the study of decision making under constraints it is clear that a more general economic theory of plant disease management has been slow to develop. We consider recent interest in decision theory, information theory and game theory within plant pathology and review the prospects for these concepts to contribute to the development of a more clearly defined economic framework for plant disease management.</div>

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