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Design and delivery of immersive online labs
David Shew: North Carolina State University; Alyssa Koehler: North Carolina State University; Arlene Mendoza-Moran: North Carolina State University
<div>Labs and lab-based activities are vitally important to teaching an effective undergraduate Plant Pathology course. Well designed labs build the connections between conceptual/fact-based learning and application of that knowledge to real-world scenarios. Interactive labs, whether face-to-face or online, provide needed opportunities to complete activities that allow students to achieve outcome-based learning objectives that cannot be met solely in lecture-based classrooms. To be effective, online labs must employ methods that effectively reach a diverse student population, with the goal of creating a learning experience that is as similar as possible to in-class labs. In this presentation, we will discuss how a variety of presentation styles and technologies such as interactive web platforms and gaming can be used to enrich the online lab experience for undergraduates in an Introductory Plant Pathology course. Emphasis is placed on how we help students achieve an enhanced understanding of the fundamental skills of plant pathology and experimental design.</div>

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