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Accelerating microbial products for sustainable agriculture
Susan Huse: Indigo Ag; Virginia Urisn: Indigo Ag
<div>Achieving the goal of global food security will require increased investment in productivity and agricultural sustainability. Development of microbial products to achieve environmental sustainability and productivity of agriculture is a growing industry. Indigo Ag (<a href=""></a>) is focused on products using microbial endophytes and has developed a large and sophisticated pipeline to test plant-microbe interactions, from microbial discovery through field trials. Indigo pioneers a unique innovation model that accelerates the time-to-market of new technologies and enables continuous improvements once products are launched as commercial data are collected to inform product development. Through collaboration with us, we can help scientists translate their research into applied agricultural products. By working with growers closely, we can improve our products to better respond to their changing needs and adjust to diverse growing conditions. Indigo released its first product in 2016, Indigo<sup>TM</sup> Cotton, that was developed in collaboration with Texas A&M. Launched on approximately 50,000 acres, Indigo<sup>TM</sup> Cotton showed a 11% increase in targeted fields. The Indigo innovation model enables us to launch products in a 2-3 year timeframe compared to 10-15 years for many agriculture technologies.</div>

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