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A smartphone app for plant disease and fungicide resistance management
G. SCHNABEL (1), M. J. Hu (1), G. Edison (1), R. Pargas (1). (1) Clemson University, Clemson, SC, U.S.A.

We developed a new smartphone application, MyIPM, to promote Integrated Disease Management for sustained peach and strawberry production in the southern United States. The app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. It features about a dozen of the most important diseases of the two fruit crops. For each disease there are pictures of signs and symptoms, descriptions of the causal agent, and a 2-min audio from the regional specialist. The app features chemical and biological control options, including a list of registered active ingredients for each disease that are sortable by FRAC codes and southeastern spray guide-published efficacy. The app also features field EIQ values as published by the Cornell IPM Program. The active ingredients are linked to registered trade names. MyIPM also features some audio recordings from regional specialists on peach and strawberry IPM issues. Our vision is that this app provides a valuable tool for growers and specialists alike that supplements current spray guides. The unique display of active ingredients, color-coded by chemical classes, provides a useful tool to promote resistance management. MyIPM is fed by an external database that can be updated through an authoring tool and is free of charge. It is expandable to more crops and could, with minor programming modifications, also be useful for entomologists.   

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