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The Role of Private Practitioners in Providing Research or Support For Industry.
C. M. BECKER (1). (1) BAAR Scientific LLC, Romulus, NY, U.S.A.

This session will discuss the opportunities available as Private Practitioners.  There is no average Private Practitioner; but in general, they can be grouped into one of three categories.  First, plant pathologists can become crop consultants, either as an individual, or as a team member of a much larger company.  Second, individuals can conduct applied agricultural research.  Applied research generally consists of either residue trials, where research is conducted under “good laboratory practices (GLP’ s)” or efficacy trials, following protocols generated by either the individual Private Practitioner, or by a product development company.   The third category consists of unique opportunities supporting Industry.  Individuals tend to fall into this last category later in ones career.   Diverse skill sets and self motivation, are essential personal traits required for success.  Daily activities include multitasking and networking.  Most Private Practitioners tend to be attracted to the applied side of Plant Pathology.  Plant Pathologists with either Masters Degrees or PhD can be equally successful as Private Practitioners.

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