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Exploring some of the myths of working in industry.
P. J. KUHN (1). (1) Syngenta Crop Protection, Greensboro, NC, U.S.A.

After graduation, three of the main career paths that plant pathologists typically consider are academia (e.g., postdoctoral research, college faculty), public sector (e.g., USDA), and private sector including industry.  Of these options, the majority of new graduates are probably least well informed about possibilities in industry.  For many, who have either not had or not taken the opportunity of an internship or other temporary period working in an industry setting, views may be founded largely on second hand information, opinion, and anecdote, which can be subjective and misleading.  Against this backdrop, it should not be surprising that there are frequent misconceptions or myths about careers in the private sector.  Some of the myths that will be explored concern freedom to publish, security of tenure, and the scientific working environment.  Based on this presentation and the other contributions to this symposium,  it is hoped that new plant pathologists will gain a more informed perspective on which to base decisions as they consider the various career options available to them.

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