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Implementing a systems approach of best management practices in native plant nurseries.
K. L. KOSTA (1). (1) California Dept of Food and Agriculture, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.

The discovery of <i>P. tentaculata </i>in native plant nurseries and restoration sites in California has raised the age old question “How did it get there?”  Propagative stock is collected in the wild, new soil and clean water is typically used in their production systems. This pathogen was not known to occur in North America. The cryptic introduction of pathogens leaves one questioning how to protect themselves against plant diseases. A systems approach to production that involves employment of best management practices throughout the growing process from cradle to grave is being implemented across the entire agricultural and horticultural industries worldwide and appears to be the new standard. The California Department of Food and Agriculture Best Management Practices Program for Ornamental and Native Plant Nurseries is working closely with nurseries, as well as restoration sites, to install programs to prevent the introduction of pathogens and prevent further spread of those within the nursery or field site. The nature of the processes for producing native plants differs from those used in the ornamental nurseries.   The California native plant nursery community is fully invested in the development of an all inclusive program from seed collection to distribution of the final product.

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