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The Turfpath App: Crowdsourcing the path of turfgrass pests.
J. E. KAMINSKI (1). (1) Penn State, University Park, PA, U.S.A.

Crowdsourcing data can be an effective way to track information. The increased use of smartphones and various social media platforms make hating information fast and easy. Turfpath is a mobile application designed to track the spread and activity if pests in the Turfgrass industry. Combined with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Turfpath gathers pest updates from turfgrass experts and novices. Users can also share unidentified issues in an effort to solve their pest challenges and provide GPS tracking of active disease, weed and insect pests. . Launched in April 2013, Turfpath has over 11,000 downloads and nearly 2 million page views within the app. This seminar will highlight the function of GPS, crowdsourced mobile applications and one of the challenges of their development.

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