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Optimizing use of biopesticides for successful, cost-effective plant disease management in greenhouse vegetable production.
M. BLEDSOE (1). (1) Village Farms International, Heathrow, FL, U.S.A.

The greenhouse environmental conditions and culture systems that are used to produce maximum growth and yield of commercial vegetable crops also favor growth and development of many economically important pathogens and pests. Greenhouse growers have little margin for error in managing diseases to produce the high-quality fresh vegetable crops that the consumer market expects. Integrated disease management (IDM) programs utilizing biopesticide components have become essential to greenhouse growers to achieve effective control of vegetable crop diseases. This presentation will describe how proper selection, application, and timing of biopesticides have helped Village Farms and other growers fill efficacy gaps of conventional chemical products in IDM programs to produce affordable, high-quality, and safe greenhouse vegetables for the consumer market

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