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Introduction to commercially available biopesticides and the biopesticide industry: History and current status.
W. STONEMAN (1). (1) Biopesticide Industry Alliance, McFarland, WI, U.S.A.

Biopesticides used for managing plant diseases have progressed over the past 30 years from obscure, quirky treatments of inconsistent quality and efficacy to user-friendly mainstream products with reliable quality and proven efficacy. Largely behind this progress are consistent improvements in technical understanding of existing and new biopesticide products, improved technology transfer and product commercialization models as well as growers' continuously expanding awareness and acceptance of biopesticides and their willingness to integrate them into disease management programs. The history and current status of the biopesticide industry will be described during this presentation. In addition, prospects and challenges for the future of biopesticides will also be discussed.  

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