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Common bean lines with resistance to all known races of Uromyces appendiculatus and the strains of the BCMV, BCMNV, and BGYMV viruses
M. A. PASTOR-CORRALES (1), J. A. Beaver (2), J. C. Rosas (3), T. G. Porch (4), G. Godoy-Lutz (5), E. Prophete (6). (1) USDA ARS, Beltsville, MD, U.S.A.; (2) University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, U.S.A.; (3) EAP/Zamorano, Tegucigalpa, Honduras; (4) USDA ARS SAA TARS, Mayaguez, U.S.A.; (5) University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, U.S.A.; (6) Service National Semencier, Port-

The objective of this research was to develop common bean lines with multiple genes with broad resistance to the rust pathogen, to the bean common mosaic (BCMV) and bean common mosaic necrosis (BCMNV) potyviruses, and to the bean golden yellow mosaic geminivirus (BGYMV). To develop broadly rust resistant lines, crosses were made with BelNeb-RR-2 having <i>Ur-5</i>, <i>Ur-6</i>, <i>Ur-7,</i> BelMiDak-RMR-10 with <i>Ur-4</i>, <i>Ur-11</i>, and Raven with <i>Ur-3</i> rust resistance genes, respectively. BelMiDak-RMR-10 also has the dominant <i>I</i> gene and the recessive <i>bc-3</i> genes for resistance BCMV and BCMNV. Another progenitor, PR0301-181, has the <i>I</i> and the <i>bc-3</i> genes, and the recessive allele <i>bgm</i> and the QTL SW12 for resistance to BGYMV. Molecular markers and specific races of the rust pathogen were used to identify the lines with multiple rust resistance genes. To identify lines with viral resistance genes, we used a molecular marker to identify the <i>I g</i>ene and a viral strain to detect the <i>bc-3</i> gene. Molecular markers were also used to identify the <i>bgm</i> gene and the SW12 QTL. We selected two lines with confirmed <i>Ur-4</i>, <i>Ur-5</i>, and <i>Ur-11</i> genes that confer resistance to all known races of <i>U. appendiculatus</i>. The identification of additional rust resistance genes in these breeding lines is in progress. These lines also combine the <i>I</i> and <i>bc-3</i> genes that provide resistance to all known strains of the BCMV and BCMNV potyviruses. In addition, these carry the recessive allele <i>bgm </i>and the QTL SW12 for resistance to BGYMV.

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