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Effect of phenolic compounds on reduction of growth and laccase Botryosphaeria spp.
P. SRIVASTAVA (1), P. C. Andersen (1), J. J. Marois (1), D. L. Wright (1), M. Srivastava (1). (1) University of Florida, Quincy, FL, U.S.A.

<i>Botryosphaeria</i> spp. are ascomyceteous fungus that incite many diseases in economically important woody plant species. Four <i>Botryosphaeria</i> isolates, <i>B. rhodina</i> (<i>Lasiodiplodia theobromae</i>), <i>B. obtusa</i>, <i>B. dothidea</i> and <i>B. ribis</i> (<i>Neofusicoccum ribis</i>) were used in this study. <i>Botryosphaeria</i> spp. are ligninolytic and capable of growing in the presence of phenolic compounds and produce laccase. The effect of various phenolic compounds on ligninolytic enzymes was investigated in vitro as possible control of <i>Botryosphaeria</i> isolates. Ten naturally occurring phenolic compounds from plants were tested to find their effect on mycelium growth and the production of ligninolytic and pectinolytic enzymes. The concentration of phenolic compounds tested (1-25 mM) was found to be toxic to <i>Botryosphaeria</i> isolates resulting in reduced mycelium growth, biomass and the decrease of laccase production and pectinase activity. The effect of phenolic compounds <i>in vitro</i> varied with the <i>Botryosphaeria</i> isolates. Inhibition of mycelium growth was dose-dependent, and varied from 2-100% inhibition in the ten phenolic compounds tested except syringic acid, which has no toxic effect on mycelium of <i>Botryosphaeria</i> isolates. A significant decrease in laccase production occurred when <i>Botryosphaeria</i> isolates were grown on phenolic compounds. Benzoic acid significantly inhibited pectinase activity in all isolates. The percent inhibition of pectinase activity in <i>B. dothidea</i> and<i> B. obtusa</i> was significantly increased in the presence of salicylic acid and syringic acid, respectively. <p><p>Keywords: Fungus, Fruits-Nuts

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