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Distribution and management of fungicide-resistant Fusarium spp. infecting potato seed tubers in Canada.
R. D. PETERS (1), B. W. Beaton (2), T. Barasubiye (3), K. A. Drake (1), C. J. Banks (2), M. M. Clark (4). (1) Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Charlottetown, PE, Canada; (2) Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture, Charlottetown, PE, Canada; (3) Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada; (4) Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture, Ken

<i>Fusarium</i> spp. are important pathogens of potato that cause yield losses at planting and in storage following harvest. Surveys from 2007-2011 in Canada showed that <i>Fusarium sambucinum</i> was the most predominant seed-decay pathogen, followed by <i>F. coeruleum</i>, <i>F. avenaceum</i> and <i>F. oxysporum</i>. Isolates of the various <i>Fusarium</i> spp. collected during Canadian surveys were also tested for their sensitivity to thiophanate-methyl (Senator ® PSPT), thiabendazole (Mertect ® SC) and fludioxonil (Maxim® PSP). In 2011, most isolates of <i>F. sambucinum</i> recovered in the seed survey showed resistance to both thiabendazole/thiophanate-methyl and fludioxonil. By contrast, most other <i>Fusarium</i> spp. were sensitive to these products. Isolates of <i>F. oxysporum</i> recovered in these surveys were always sensitive to thiabendazole and thiophanate-methyl, but resistant to fludioxonil. Field and storage studies were conducted to ascertain the impact of fungicide-resistant strains on crop loss and to define potential management strategies. In all cases, treatment of potato seed pieces with mancozeb, difenoconazole or prothioconazole completely controlled seed-piece decay caused by a multi-class resistant isolate of <i>F. sambucinum</i>. Based on our research, knowing the predominant <i>Fusarium</i> spp. in a particular seedlot and their sensitivities to various chemical products would provide growers with important information to use to make disease management decisions.<p><p>Keywords: Fungus, Root-Tuber Crops, Potato

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