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Emergence of Phytophthora pathogens by hybridization.
E. GOSS (1). (1) University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, U.S.A.

Interspecific hybridization is known to be a diversifying force in plants and is increasingly being recognized as an important evolutionary process in the emergence of pathogens. There are multiple instances of interspecific hybridization in the genus <i>Phytophthora</i> and they suggest that hybridization between <i>Phytophthora</i> species can lead to the emergence of pathogens with novel host ranges. Interspecific hybridization has been hypothesized to be a consequence of the global movement of <i>Phytophthora</i> species. Has interspecific hybridization contributed to the evolution and diversification of <i>Phytophthora</i> pathogens? These questions will be discussed in the context of known hybrids, with a focus on <i>P. andina</i>.<p><p>Keywords:

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