​​​Abstract Deadline closed October 10, 2022

​Abstract submission has closed. ​

​Submission Form Instructions

​1. Abstract Title

  • Limited to 150 characters maximum including spaces. 
  • Capitalize only the first letter of the first word and any proper nouns.
  • Registered names and trademarks are not permitted in title.
  • Symbols (Greek, math, etc.) must be spelled out, e.g., Beta.

2. Submitter Email

The abstract confirmation will be sent to this email address

3. Topic Category

Select the topic category  that best describes your abstract

4. Submission Type

Acceptance as an oral technical talk is not guaranteed. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Abstracts that are not selected as an oral presentation will be automatically designated as a poster. 

  • Poster 
  • Oral 

5. Young Professionals: Indicate whether you would like to be considered for a speed poster presentation. 

Select "Yes" if you wish to be considered for a speed poster presentation. Speed posters will be a 1-2 minute, one slide presentation to introduce your work and to direct the audience to your poster. Speed posters slots are limited, and selecting "Yes" does not guarantee your poster will be selected for a speed poster presentation. This presentation would be in addition to presenting a poster during the regular poster session. 

6. Terms of Use

Select one of the below Terms of Use options. Note that a previously used abstract can be revised for acceptable submission to this meeting by changing the title, updating details of the content, reframing the content for the new meeting audience, and otherwise rewriting the text.

  • I confirm that this abstarct has not been published previously and agree that it may be published by the National Soybean Nematode Conference. 
  • I confirm that this abstract has been published previously and that I have obtained permission from the copyright holder for reproduction by the National Soybean Nematode Conference. 
    • ​Selecting this option will generate the words "Reproduced by permission" when the abstracts are published.

7. Certification Statement

Confirm that your abstract was reviewed by all authors. 

8. Add Authors

  • Click on "Add New Person" and type the name of the abstract author (presenting author and/or co-author) in the Search field. If the author is in the database, select their name. If multiple names display, select the record that displays the most recent known email address.
  • After selecting the author, click “Edit Selected Person” to confirm contact details.
  • ​If the author is not found in the database, select “Can’t find the person you’re looking for?” and then click on “Add New Person.” Continue to complete all required (*) fields, and click ​Save.
  • The first person added will be designated as the Presenting Author, but this role can be changed after multiple authors have been entered.

The presenting author email is used for all future communications and should be the same email used for registration

9. Abstract Text

  • The abstract must be in one paragraph.
  • DO NOT INCLUDE the title, author name(s), or author affiliations in the abstract text field.
  • Use the abstract toolbar to add formatting (italics, superscripts, or subscripts)
  • Character limit is 1,600 characters including spaces

10. Abstract Payment

The abstract submission fee is $30​ USD. It is non-refundable and payable​ by credit card.

11​. Confirmation

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Conclude Submission" to ensure your abstract is submitted