​​Abstract Submission​

Important: review all guidelines and form information before beginning your submission. 

Late-Breaking Abstract Submission has ended. 

Did you miss the first abstract submission period, or were you finishing and would like the opportunity to present at the annual meeting? We are now accepting abstracts for poster and ePoster format only. All submitted abstracts will be accepted unless deemed inappropriate and the author will be notified if that is the case. 

Submission Deadline: June 30

In-person Poster Submission - Familiar format for abstracts at the annual meeting; poster displayed onsite in Pittsburgh. First choice for submitters, unless they know with 100% certainty they will not attend in-person. Poster submitters must register by June 30. 

ePoster ONLY Submission - For those submitt​ers who know at time of submission they will not be able to attend the meeting in Pittsburgh. Encompasses creation of online ePoster and publication of abstract; there will be no access to session content other than viewing other ePosters. Registration is not required for ePoster submitters. 

*N​ote that abstracts are assumed accepted at time of submission as noted above. In-person Poster submitters MUST register for the annual meeting by June 30.​*


Why Submit and AbstractTips for Writing a Better Abstract

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  • Submission Guidelines

    Important Considerations Before You Submit an Abstract

    • Edit and proof your abstract before submitting. APS will not edit abstract submissions; they will be published as submitted. Publication will be in a supplement of Phytopathology, within 3-4 months post-meeting.
    • There are no limits on the number of oral presentations submitted, however no individual may be the presenter of more than one oral presentation. Prior to submission, oral abstracts must be reviewed by two non-authors.
    • Specifying a preference for an oral o​r poster presentation does not guarantee placement in that area. Final presentation type will be determined by the Annual Meeting Board based on subject matter that best fits the meeting program. ePoster submissions will be slotted as ePosters.
    • Designated presenting author (of either an oral technical or poster) must be registered for Plant Health 2022 by June 10. Late-Breaking poster ​submitters must register by June 30. Failure to register will result in your abstract being withdrawn from the meeting.
    • Designated presenting author of an ePoster is not required to register for the meeting, but must upload their ePoster pdf and video by the indicated deadline. Failure to upload the ePoster will result in your abstract being withdrawn from the meeting.
    • Abstracts should be proofed to make sure all authors and affiliations were accepted to the online form.
    • Publication of tables, charts, and graphs projected onto screens or posted at the annual meeting by anyone other than an author or presenter is prohibited unless a release has been requested and received in writing from an author or presenter.

    Acceptance Criteria

    • Abstracts must report results of original research or other activity of significant merit that relates to phytopathology and the related industry.
    • Abstracts must include the following elements: justification, objectives, methods, results, and significance of the research to the science of phytopathology.
    • Abstracts must not be simply a review or progress report but contain useful and new information. Abstracts must not include references or footnotes.
    • Abstracts must be in final form with no grammatical, typographical, or factual errors.
    • No abstract that has been presented or is intended to be presented at another meeting shall be submitted for consideration.

    Terms and Conditions

    By submitting an abstract to APS for Plant Health 2022, submitters agree to the following terms & conditions:

    If the abstract is accepted for onsite oral or poster, I agree that the designated presenting author will present the abstract at Plant Health 2022, August 6-10, 2022, and will register and pay the registration fee by June 10, 2022. I understand that failure to complete the above terms will result in the withdrawal of my abstract from the meeting program.

    If the abstract is accepted for ePoster, I agree that the designated presenting author will uploaded their ePoster materials by the forthcoming deadline. I understand that failure to complete this will result in the withdrawal of my abstract from the meeting program.

    Non-US Government Submitters:

    I confirm that this is an original work and that the abstract has not been previously published. I and any contributing authors, as sole proprietors of the abstract, agree to transfer copyright of the abstract to the American Phytopathological Society. Abstracts will be posted online by June 2022. By agreeing, I accept this copyright transfer.

    US Government Submitters:

    I hereby confirm that the abstract submitted, having been created by an employee or agency of the U.S. government or for some other reason, is not eligible for copyright transfer to APS, is in the public domain, and as such may be reproduced freely. I acknowledge that APS is relying on this statement in determining that the work is copyright free.

    Canadian Government Submitters:

    If your work is protected by “© Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada,” please add that copyright statement at the end of your abstract.

    I understand that failure to accept the applicable copyright transfer or public domain notice will result in the immediate cancellation of my abstract submission.

  • Submission Form Instructions

    1. Abstract Title

    • 150 characters maximum including spaces
    • Capitalize only the first letter of the first word and any proper nouns
    • Registered names and trademarks are not permitted in title
    • Symbols (Greek, math, etc.) must be spelled out, e.g., Beta

    2. Submitter Email

    • The abstract confirmation will be sent to this email address

    3. Submission Type

    Acceptance as a technical talk is not guaranteed. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Annual Meeting Board.

    Poster - Open to All for Submission

    • There is no limit on the number of poster abstracts that may be submitted
    • Poster presenters are required to be present at certain time frames throughout the meeting for publication (designated times to be announced).

    Oral - An Individual May be the Presenter of Only ONE Oral Presentation  (not a selection option for Late-Breaking submissions)

    • There is a limit of ONE (1) oral presentation presenter
    • PRIOR TO SUBMISSION, oral abstracts MUST be reviewed by two non-authors.
    • Acceptance as an oral, and applicable presentation date and time, will be announced later.

    ePoster - Open to Submitters Who Know For Certain They Will Not Be A​ttending The Meeting in Pittsburgh.

    • There is no limit on the number of poster abstracts that may be submitted.
    • ePoster presenters are required to upload ePoster materials by the deadline (deadline to be announced.)

    4. Categories and Key Words

    Select the topic category and keywords that best describe your abstract

    5. APS Foundation Travel Award Consideration

    Only select "Yes" if you wish to complete the Travel Award application process

    Add Authors

    • Click on Add new person and type the name of the abstract author (presenting author and/or co-author) in the Search field. If the author is in the database, select their name. If multiple names display, select the record that displays the most recent known email address.
    • After selecting the author, click “Edit Selected Person” to confirm contact details.
    • If the author is not found in the database, select “Can’t find the person you’re looking for?” and then click on “Add New Person.” Continue to complete all required (*) fields, and Save.
    • The first person added will be designated as the Presenting Author, but this role can be changed after multiple authors have been entered.

    The presenting author email is used for all future communications and should be the same email used for registration

    7. Abstract Text

    • The abstract must be in one paragraph.
    • DO NOT INCLUDE the title, author name(s), or author affiliations in the abstract text field.
    • Use the abstract toolbar to add formatting (italics, superscripts, or subscripts)
    • Character limit is 1,600 characters including spaces

    8. Abstract Payment

    The abstract submission fee is $55 USD. It is non-refundable and payable​ by credit card.

    9. Confirmation

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Conclude Submission" to ensure your abstract is submitted

Oral​ & Poster Submission

ePoster ONLY Submission


  • In-person oral presentation (oral)
  • Physical poster displayed, encouraged to upload ePoster (poster)
  • ePoster comprised of pdf and video file





  • Presenting Author must register for Plant Health 2022 by June 10
  • Oral presentation must be given in-person
  • Physical poster must be displayed in exhibit hall
  • Create and upload digital pdf of poster and a 3-minute video summary of research

Content Access

​Access to all meeting content and app as a registered meeting attendee

  • Access only to ePoster content; no access to any other meeting sessions or events
  • Access to messaging feature in app to communicate with registered attendees


Publication in supplement of Phytopathology

Publication in supplement of Phytopathology

COVID Contingency

  • Should a presenter be unable to attend in-person due to COVID-19, abstract will shift to ePoster ONLY format
  • The onsite format should be selected as first option unless it is known for a certain at time of submission that onsite attendance is not possible
  • The onsite oral/poster format should be selected as first option unless it is known for certain at time of submission that onsite attendance is not possible
  • If presenter knows for certain at time of submission that they will not be able to attend the onsite meeting, then ePoster Only should be selected
  • Only under special circumstances would an ePoster be shifted to onsite oral/poster​


    Email APS Headquarters at planthealth@scisoc.org.