Session Resources​

​​Technical Abstracts

Oral Technical Presentations

​Oral Technical presenters have 12 minutes for their talk and 3 minutes for Q&A. Practice your talk ahead of time to ensure you do not go over. Going over time reduces the time available for your fellow presenters. Moderators will be present to facilitate the session.  

Oral Technical Presentation Guidelines & Upload Instructions

All Powerpoints must be uploaded for playback in session rooms. We encourage pre-uploading for ease onsite. A Speaker Ready room will be available if you need to make changes to your presentation. Upload instructions will be provided when the upload portal opens on June 27. All pre-uploads are due July 22. 

Oral Technical Powerpoint Template​​​

Encouraged, but not required,​ for presentation. 

Poster & ePoster Presentations

Posters (onsite) must be printed by attendees and displayed in the designated area by the start of your designated "Author Present" time. It is during this Author Present t​ime that you will be available at your poster for discussion with attendees. 

ePosters must include a pdf and video file, per the guidelines. ePoster presenters can be reached and contact attendees via the messaging tool in the app. ​

Poster Presentation Guidelines

In addition to a physical poster, we encourage poster presenters to also create and upload an ePoster. This is not required but encouraged. Use the ePoster Guidelines & Upload Instructions below. 

ePoster Guidelines & Upload Instructions

ePosters must be uploaded by July 22. 

Moderator Resources

​​Moderators play an essential role in a session - they welcome the audience, keep the discussion moving, facilitate audience engagement with the speaker, and ensure the session runs on tim​e. 

To be a successful moderator, be sure to: ​

  • ​Familiarize yourself with the presenters and the presentations that will be given during your session. 
  • Prepare questions for the presenters to help guide the discussion. 
  • Given the high number of international participants, please speak slowly and remind your presenters to do so as well.  ​​
  • Introduce each speaker before ​they begin. 
  • Be consistent with keeping your speakers to their allotted time. 
  • Maintain a goal to try to keep all speakers engaged in the discussion. ​​
  • Close out the session by thanking all of the speakers and the audience for their participation.