​Transportation –​ Getting In and Around Pittsburgh​

​Traveling to Pittsburgh

​Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is within 500 miles of more than half the U.S. population and less than a 90-minute flight from 50% of North America's population. It's under 6 hours by car or train to 9 states, D.C.,​ and Canada.​​​​ ​

Getting (and Parking) Your Ride

Downtown Pittsburgh is a compact, 50-acre area that's walkable and easy to navigate. ​​In addition to Uber, Lyft, taxis, and ​bike rentals, you can also view real-time parking availability at ​garages in downtown Pittsburgh at ParkPGH.org​.

If you plan to travel to Plant Health 2022 via coach bus, you are welcome to reach out to APS for assistance in finding parking options at APSmeeting@scisoc.org.