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​​IYPH 2020 Themes​

​​​APS is so excited to be celebrating IYPH 2020. We have crafted 10 monthly themes to help raise awareness. 

IYPH 2020 Themes: 

JANUARY: Plant Health to Combat World Hunger ​

  • Highlight Efforts to Provide Disease Resistance
  • Sustainable Production to Feed the World
  • Include Both Traditional and Biotech Breeding Approaches
  • Soils (Mineral Nutrition and Role in Plant Disease Development)
  • Phytobiome and Microbiome
  • Plant Based Foods for the Future

FEBRUARY: Plant Health for Healthy Humans

  • Plants are a Critical Source of Nutrients
  • Plants have Positive Effects on Mood, Air Quality, etc. 
  • Taxol is an anti-cancer drug from Yew plants
  • Salicylic acid, the primary metabolite in aspirin, was discovered in Salix (willow)
  • More than 70% of drugs come from plants; those plants and others are used as herbal remedies
  • Leverage Public Interest in Med​icinal Plants and Pharmaceuticals
  • How Plant Virus Research has Furthered Human Virus Understanding

MARCH: Plant Health for Sustainable Forests

  • Forests Improve Air Quality
  • Important to Peoples' Recreation and Overall Health
  • Forests Require Systems Approaches for Management
  • Threats to our Forests: Emerging Pests, Pathogens and Climate Change, Forest Fires

APRIL: Healthy Plants for a Healthy Planet

  • Healthy Plants = Healthy Ecosystems = Healthy Planet = Healthy Air
  • Sustainable Food, Feed, Fiber, and Forests
  • Plants Provide Continuous Oxygen for all Metabolic Cycles
  • Symbiosis and Plant-Microbe Associations that Promote Nitrogen Uptake and other Important Functions
  • Plants Play a Critical Role in Cleaning Up Soil Pollutants​

MAY: Plant Health and Bugs

  • Plant Health Depends on Healthy Pollinator Populations
  • Insect Pests Threaten Plant Health and Require Management in Agriculture, Forests, and Rangelands – Gypsy Moth, Fall Armyworm, Invasive Species, etc. 
  • Some "Bugs" vector Plant Pathogens that Cause Serious Diseases

JUNE: Plant Health for Urban Gardens and Your Backyard

  • ​Highlight Garden-Related Issues Such as Basil Blight and Impatients Down Mildew ​​
  • Urban Gardens Revitalize Cities
  • Vertical Gardens, Aquaculture
  • Master Gardner's are a Resource for this Topic
  • Diagnostics and National Plant Diagnostic Network are Important for Management

​AUGUST: Healthy Plants and Your Kitchen Table

  • Disease Threatening Your Breakfast! Bananas, Citrus, Coffee, etc. 
  • What Would You do Without Chocolate?
  • Cooking with Basil
  • Healthy Foods for Your Family Rely on Healthy Plants​

SEPTEMBER: Plant Health in a Changing Climate

  • Impact of Weather on Plant Disease Occurrence and Development
  • Epidemics and Famine Associated with Climatic Events
  • Spread of Diseases/Pests and Introduction of New Diseases in a Warming Climate
  • Emerging Diseases Due to Changes in Climate​

OCTOBER: Technological Advances for Plant Health

  • Gene Editing, GMOs, New Technologies and Opportunities
  • Phytobiomes
  • Big Data​
  • Precision Ag
  • GIS Farming, Robotic Production , Mechanization, etc. (Lots of Articles Recently on the Intensity of Food Production in Holland, a Tiny Country)​

NOVEMBER: Plant Health and Treasure Troves from the Past

  • Build on the Past for a Better Future
  • Look to History for Improvements
  • Where Does our Food Come From? 
  • In the U.S. Few of our Food Crops are Native – Where did They Come From?