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​​IYPH 2020 Themes​

​​​APS is excited to celebrate IYPH 2020. Below are 10 months of distinct themes that you can use to raise awareness on the various effects of plant health. 

Click on each month for a downloadable infographic and content relating to each theme. Messaging for each theme is populated prior to each month. 

JANUARY: Plant Health to Combat World Hunger ​
  • Highlight Efforts to Provide Disease Resistance
  • Sustainable Production to Feed the World
  • Include Both Traditional and Biotech Breeding Approaches
  • Soils (Mineral Nutrition and Role in Plant Disease Development)
  • Phytobiome and Microbiome
  • Plant Based Foods for the Future

FEBRUARY: Plant Health for Healthy Humans​

  • Plants are a Critical Source of Nutrients
  • Plants have Positive Effects on Mood, Air Quality, etc. 
  • Taxol is an anti-cancer drug from Yew plants
  • Salicylic acid, the primary metabolite in aspirin, was discovered in Salix (willow)
  • More than 70% of drugs come from plants; those plants and others are used as herbal remedies
  • Leverage Public Interest in Med​icinal Plants and Pharmaceuticals
  • How Plant Virus Research has Furthered Human Virus Understanding

MARCH: Plant Health for Sustainable Forests​

  • Forests Improve Air Quality
  • Important to Peoples' Recreation and Overall Health
  • Forests Require Systems Approaches for Management
  • Threats to our Forests: Emerging Pests, Pathogens and Climate Change, Forest Fires

APRIL: Healthy Plants for a Healthy Planet​

  • Healthy Plants = Healthy Ecosystems = Healthy Planet = Healthy Air
  • Sustainable Food, Feed, Fiber, and Forests
  • Plants Provide Continuous Oxygen for all Metabolic Cycles
  • Symbiosis and Plant-Microbe Associations that Promote Nitrogen Uptake and other Important Functions
  • Plants Play a Critical Role in Cleaning Up Soil Pollutants​

MAY: Plant Health and Bugs​

  • Plant Health Depends on Healthy Pollinator Populations
  • Insect Pests Threaten Plant Health and Require Management in Agriculture, Forests, and Rangelands – Gypsy Moth, Fall Armyworm, Invasive Species, etc. 
  • Some "Bugs" vector Plant Pathogens that Cause Serious Diseases

JUNE: Plant Health for Urban Gardens and Your Backyard​

  • ​Highlight Garden-Related Issues Such as Basil Blight and Impatients Down Mildew ​​
  • Urban Gardens Revitalize Cities
  • Vertical Gardens, Aquaculture
  • Master Gardner's are a Resource for this Topic
  • Diagnostics and National Plant Diagnostic Network are Important for Management

​​JULY: Careers in ​​Plant ​​Pathology​​​

  • ​​​Plant Pathologists are Plant Doctors
  • Plant Pathologists make a Difference​
  • Where you can Work as a Plant Pathologist

​AUGUST: Healthy Plants and Your Kitchen Table

  • Disease Threatening Your Breakfast! Bananas, Citrus, Coffee, etc. 
  • What Would You do Without Chocolate​?
  • Cooking with Basil
  • Healthy Foods for Your Family Rely on Healthy Plants​

SEPTEMBER: Plant Health in a Changing Climate​

  • Impact of Weather on Plant Disease Occurrence and Development
  • Epidemics and Famine Associated with Climatic Events
  • Spread of Diseases/Pests and Introduction of New Diseases in a Warming Climate
  • Emerging Diseases Due to Changes in Climate​

OCTOBER: Technological Advances for Plant Health

  • Gene Editing, GMOs, New Technologies and Opportunities
  • Phytobiomes
  • Big Data​
  • Precision Ag
  • GIS Farming, Robotic Production , Mechanization, etc. (Lots of Articles Recently on the Intensity of Food Production in Holland, a Tiny Country)​

NOVEMBER: Plant Health and Treasure Troves from the Past​

  • Build on the Past for a Better Future
  • Look to History for Improvements
  • Where Does our Food Come From? 
  • In the U.S. Few of our Food Crops are Native – Where did They Come From?