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​Recording in Zoom​

​​Plant Health Online will use Zoom for all session broadcasting and recording. If you have a recording program you prefer to use, you are welcome to ​use that for your pre-recorded video and disregard the rest of these instructions. Your deadline to upload your recording is July 24.

Video Recording Tips and Best Practices

  • Prior to Recording

    Zoom Setup

    • If you haven’t already, download the Zoom Client and follow instructions to create a free account.
    • You may need to close and reopen the application to sign into the client. Free clients can record locally, which means your recording will be saved to your computer.
    • To change your recording Settings, click the Settings gear in the upper right of your zoom app and click “Recording” on the menu.
    • You should be ready to record by default. If you need further information on setting up your Zoom account to record, full instructions are available in Zoom’s Help Center.

    Additional Resources

    Virtual Backgrounds

    APS has provided a set of meeting-branded virtual backgrounds on the Presenter Resources page

    • To set your virtual background, save the virtual background you like to your computer and remember where you saved it.
    • In Zoom, go to the settings gear in your Zoom app, then click on "Virtual Backgrounds" on the menu. Add the background you just downloaded by clicking on the plus on the upper right of your background options and selecting the one you downloaded. Then, tap on the virtual background to activate it.

    Prepare your Recording Space

    To ensure a professional, engaging presentation, please use face cam while presenting. Please see Video Recording Tips and Best Practices for suggestions on how to set up your recording space

    Practice your Presentation

    Just as you would at an in-person conference, go through your presentation a few times to practice your delivery and timing.

    Optional: Practice with Presentation Tools:

    • Recent versions of PowerPoint have a number of presentation tools you can take advantage of in digital format. To familiarize yourself with these tools, go to PowerPoint’s “Slide Show” tab and select “From Beginning” or “From Current Slide.”
    • The Presentation tools are very faint icons along the bottom. Recommended tools include:
      • Laser Pointer
      • Pen
      • Magnifying Glass
    • Please do not use the Closed Caption tools. APS is researching more accurate and professional accessibility options.
  • Recording your Session
    1. Start Zoom

      • In the Zoom app, click the orange “New Meeting” button on the app to open your personal Zoom room. Once you’ve entered the Zoom room, you will have 40 minutes on a free account to record. If you use your time up, you’ll be able to start over or continue with another New Meeting.
    2. Unmute and Start Your Video

      • Presenters should present with face cam to ensure a more engaging, professional presentation. Before you do anything else, make sure both your camera and microphone are on.
    3. Adjust Your Settings

      • If your name is labeled on your face cam, it is recommended that you go into your video settings to turn off the name. You can do this by going to the arrow next to the camera icon and selecting “Video Settings”. In the “Video” section, uncheck “Always display participant names on their video.
      • If you have anyone else on the call with you (e.g., a moderator, staff), also check “Hide non-video participants,” then ask that they turn their cameras off. This will ensure that you are the only face on your recording.
    4. Open Your Presentation

      • Open up your presentation in PowerPoint, as well as any other media you will be referencing.
      • Note: some file types (e.g., certain streamed video services) may not show up on Zoom recordings. We recommend testing any multimedia ahead of time by recording a short snippet of the media and then closing the meeting.
    5. Share Your Screen

      • Use the green “Share Screen” button at the bottom of the screen to select the PowerPoint screen. It is recommended you select the PowerPoint only screen (it will list your presentation title) rather than the full “Screen.” Click the blue Share button.
    6. Start Your Presentation

      • In PowerPoint, navigate to the Slide Show tab, and then click “From Beginning” to start the show.
      • Optional: Use Presenter View - To read from your slide notes without it showing on the presentation, you can use Presenter View. However, some methods of accessing presenter view will show on the recording, so follow these instructions carefully:
        • Start your screen share and start Slide Show
        • In the lower left will be very faint icons. Select “…” to open a dropdown
        • Select “Show Presenter View”
        • To ensure you are doing this correctly, It is recommended you run a short test by recording your presentation for a few seconds and then closing the meeting.
    7. Start Recording

      • Once you’re ready to go, move your mouse to the top of the screen. Zoom’s navigation menu will drop down. Under More, select “Start Recording.”
      • Your face cam will default to the upper right corner of the screen on the recording, even if you move the panel in your personal view.
    8. Stop Recording

      • Once your presentation is finished, use the More menu to Stop Recording.
  • After Recording
    1. Save Your Recording

      • To save your recording, press the red “Leave” button to leave your meeting. Once you leave Zoom, you’ll see a “Convert Meeting Recording” pop-up. Let the bar fill—if you stop it prematurely, your recording may be corrupted. You may need to wait quite a while. You will be informed when it’s finished.
      • Unless you chose another location in the Settings, Zoom will have populated a “Zoom” folder in your main Documents directory (for Windows). Feel free to open the file called “zoom_0.mp4” to check your recording. If something went wrong with the recording, please check Zoom’s Help Center.​
    2. Check Your Recording's Length

      • Please keep in mind the length limitations of your session type
    3. Upload Your Presentation

      • You are required to upload your recording for your digital presentation by July 24. You will receive a personalized link from APS for a Speakers Corner where you can upload your video. Follow the instructions beyond the link to upload your file.
    4. Attend Your Q&A Session

      • Even though you’ve pre-recorded your presentation, you will be required to be present when your session is broadcast, to be available for follow-up Q&A.


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