New Products & Services Session​

​Don't miss your chance to participate in the New Products & Services Session at Plant Health 2023! We are looking for new technology advancements that have an impact on consumers and plant pathology markets. 

We are no longer accepting applications.

Criteria for acceptance: ​​

  • ​The product, service, or equipment must be new since the last Plant Health meeting in Aug 2022. A committee will review the information provided to ensure that they are appropriate and new.
  • Information must be applicable to the interests of the APS community.
  • Since it may not be possible to accommodate all applications because of time limitations, early applications stand the best chance of being accepted.
  • Final acceptance shall be made at the discretion of the session organizer based on the relative merit and conformance, and the criteria herein described.
  • Each presentation will be limited to 15 minutes. Questions will be restricted to the time limits on the presentation.
  • If submitting multiple proposals, please place them in priority order.