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Occurrence in Sugarcane of a Bacilliform Virus Related Serologically to Banana Streak Virus. B. E. L. Lockhart, Department de Phytopathologie, Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire Hassan II, Complexe Horticole, Agadir, Morocco. L. J. C. Autrey, Centre Technique de la Canne a Sucre, Loukkos, Morocco. Plant Dis. 72:230-233. Accepted for publication 13 October 1987. Copyright 1988 The American Phytopathological Society. DOI: 10.1094/PD-72-0230.

A virus with bacilliform particles measuring 131 ◊ 31 nm was found in the sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) clones Mex. 57-473 and CP 44-101 grown in Morocco. This virus was also present in a sample of Mex. 57-473 from Hawaii. No foliar symptoms were associated with sugarcane bacilliform virus (SCBV) infection. The virus was transmitted mechanically to healthy sugarcane, and infection was detected reliably by enzyme immunoassay. SCBV was not transmitted by sap inoculation to banana or to any test plants other than sugarcane. Banana streak virus (BSV) was transmitted by mechanical inoculation to sugarcane but induced no foliar symptoms. No serological differences were detected between SCBV and BSV, but lack of information on additional biological and other properties of the two viruses precludes the assumption they are identical. No serological relationship was detected between SCBV or BSV and the bacilliform viruses occurring in cacao, rice, Canna indica, yam, Commelina diffusa, and KalanchoŽ blossfeldiana.