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First Report of Wheat Spindle Streak Mosaic Virus in Oklahoma. J. L. Sherwood, Department of Plant Pathology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater 74078. B. B. Reddick, R. M. Hunger, and E. Williams. Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 37901; and Department of Plant Pathology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater 74078. Plant Dis. 71:850. Accepted for publication 15 June 1987. Copyright 1987 The American Phytopathological Society. DOI: 10.1094/PD-71-0850C.

Wheat spindle streak mosaic virus (WSSMV) was detected for the first time in Kay County of Oklahoma in 1987 in the wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars Mustang and Stallion. Symptoms included bronzing and chlorotic spindle-shaped streaks in the foliage, stunting, and reduced tillering. WSSMV was identified from leaf samples by serologically specific electron microscopy, protein A sandwich ELISA, and Western blotting using antiserum prepared from the electrophoretically purifed capsid protein of a Kansas isolate of WSSMV provided by S. A. Lommel (2). Virus particles had a modal size of 16 X 1,755 nm, with a range of several hundred nanometers (I). Samples reacted positively in protein A sandwich ELISA, and a 36-kDa protein was detected by Western blotting (2). Although WSSMV generally is restricted to the cooler regions of wheat production (1), this documents the extension of WSSMV into the Southern Plains states.

References: (1) K. Z. Hauflerand D. W. Fulbright. Plant Dis. 67:988, 1983. (2) S. A. Lommel et a1. Plant Dis. 70:964, 1986.