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Natural Occurrence of Tomato Ringspot Virus in Passiflora edulis from Peru. Renate Koenig, Institut fr Viruskrankheiten der Pflanzen der Biologischen Bundesanstalt, Messeweg 11, D 3300 Braunschweig, West Germany. C. E. Fribourg, Universidad Nacional Agraria, Aptdo. 456, Lima, Per. Plant Dis. 70:244-245. Accepted for publication 29 August 1985. Copyright 1986 The American Phytopathological Society. DOI: 10.1094/PD-70-244.

An isometric virus isolated from Passiflora edulis in Peru had typical properties of a nepovirus. It infected a wide range of dicotyledonous plants, inducing mainly chlorotic and / or necrotic spots and rings. In Chenopodium species, it caused apical necrosis. It was not transmitted by aphids. Its coat protein had a molecular weight of about 56,000. In the serological agar gel double-diffusion test, it could not be distinguished from the tobacco strain of tomato ringspot virus. Unlike the type strain of this virus, however, it did not infect tomato systemically.