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Fungicidal Control of Entomosporium Leaf Spot on Photinia. G. S. Cobb, Superintendent, Ornamental Horticulture Substation, Mobile, AL 36608. A. K. Hagan, Plant Pathology and Nematology Specialist, Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, Auburn University; C. H. Gilliam, Associate Professor of Horticulture, Department of Horticulture, Auburn University; and J. M. Mullen, Extension Associate-Plant Pathology, Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, Auburn University, Auburn 36849. Plant Dis. 69:684-685. Accepted for publication 2 February 1985. Copyright 1985 The American Phytopathological Society. DOI: 10.1094/PD-69-684.

Weekly foliar applications of triforine at 0.240.48 g a.i./L of water or thiophanate-methyl + zinc ion + maneb at 1.35 g a.i./L of water provided excellent protection of Photinia fraseri against leaf spot caused by Entomosporium maculatum. Weekly treatments of chlorothalonil (1.35 g a.i./L) or vinclozolin (0.90 g a.i./L)were less effective. Triadimefon (0.30 g a.i./L) and propiconazole (0.28 g a.i./L) controlled the disease but were phytotoxic. Iprodione, copper hydroxide, benomyl, and mancozeb were ineffective.