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Developing Fusiform Rust-Resistant Loblolly and Slash Pines. H. R. Powers, Jr., Chief Research Plant Pathologist, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station, Athens, GA 30602. J. F. Kraus, Principal Plant Geneticist, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station, Macon, GA 31208. Plant Dis. 67:187-189. Accepted for publication 12 July 1982. This article is in the public domain and not copyrightable. It may be freely reprinted with customary crediting of the source. The American Phytopathological Society, 1983. DOI: 10.1094/PD-67-187.

Fusiform rust-resistant selections of loblolly and slash pine have been planted in a seed orchard for production of seedlings with high levels of resistance to the disease. Half of the orchard consists of grafted trees of superior clones and the balance is designed as a seedling seed orchard made up of survivors of artificial inoculation tests. Eventual production should exceed 15 million seedlings annually for use in areas subject to high hazard from fusiform rust.

Keyword(s): Cronartium quercuum f. sp. fusiforme, disease resistance, Pinus elliottii var. elliottii, Pinus taeda.