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Variability of Venezuelan Isolate of Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus in Sorghum. R. W. Toler, Professor of Plant Pathology, Texas A&M University, College Station 77843. D. T. Rosenow, Research Agronomist, Texas A&M University, Lubbock 79401; M. Riccelli, Vice-President of Research Protinal, Compañia Anónima, Caracas, Venezuela; and H. A. Mena, Agronomist, CENIAP, 11 A, Cereales, Maracay, Venezuela. Plant Dis. 66:849-850. Accepted for publication 29 March 1982. Copyright 1982 American Phytopathological Society. DOI: 10.1094/PD-66-849.

A virus isolated from sorghum in Venezuela in August 1980 was identified as maize dwarf mosaic virus. The virus caused a severe reaction in seven sorghum cultivars resistant to maize dwarf mosaic virus, particularly Tx2536 and RTx430, but did not infect the immune QL3 and QL11. The virus infected Johnsongrass and was serologically related to maize dwarf mosaic virus but not to sugarcane mosaic virus A or H. It is proposed that the Venezuelan virus is a variant of maize dwarf mosaic virus strain A.