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Host Range of the Columbia Root-Knot Nematode. J. H. OBannon, Nematologist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Washington State University. G. S. Santo, Associate Professor, Nematology, Washington State University; and A. P. Nyczepir, Research Associate Nematologist, Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center, Prosser, WA 99350. Plant Dis. 66:1045-1048. Accepted for publication 22 February 1982. This article is in the public domain and not copyrightable. It may be freely reprinted with customary crediting of the source. The American Phytopathological Society, 1982. DOI: 10.1094/PD-66-1045.

The Columbia root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne chitwoodi, a severe pest of potato in the Pacific Northwest, reproduced on 53 of 68 plant species tested under greenhouse conditions. Both monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plant species were good hosts, indicating that M. chitwoodi has a wide host range. Principal crops used in rotation with potato in the Pacific Northwest include a poor host (alfalfa), but cereals such as barley, corn, and wheat were good hosts for this nematode.