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Fungicide Resistance: Past Experience with Benomyl and Dodine and Future Concerns with Sterol Inhibitors. A. L. Jones, Professor, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology and the Pesticide Research Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing 48824. Plant Dis. 65:990-992. Accepted for publication 2 March 1981. Copyright 1981 American Phytopathological Society. DOI: 10.1094/PD-65-990.

The need for a careful introduction of sterol-inhibiting fungicides into apple disease control programs is discussed. Because of the propensity of Venturia inaequalis for developing resistance to benomyl and dodine, populations of this pathogen should be monitored closely for changes in their sensitivity to sterol-inhibiting fungicides. In developing strategies for avoiding resistance, cooperation between the various manufacturers of sterol inhibitors will be important.