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Inheritance of Resistance to Celery mosaic virus in Celery

December 2001 , Volume 85 , Number  12
Pages  1,276 - 1,277

Vincent D'Antonio , Department of Vegetable Crops , Bryce Falk , Department of Plant Pathology , and Carlos F. Quiros , Department of Vegetable Crops, University of California, Davis 95616

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Accepted for publication 24 August 2001.

Screening of the Apium germ plasm collection for resistance to Celery mosaic virus (CeMV) revealed four resistant accessions: a celeriac, a feral celery line, and two wild celery species. The feral celery, which is genetically closest to cultivated celery, A. graveolens var. dulce, was used to generate backcross and F2 progenies to determine the inheritance of the resistance. Resistance was recessive and determined by a single locus named cmv. The simple inheritance of this trait will allow the development of celery lines resistant to CeMV.

Additional keywords: Apium, disease resistance, Potyvirus

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