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Letter to the Editor

Estimation of Relative Parasitic Fitness of Pathogens in Heterogeneous Host Populations. Ping Sun and Shimai Zeng. Associate professor and professor, Department of Plant Protection, Beijing Agricultural University, Beijing 100094, P. R. China. Phytopathology 85:520-521. Accepted for publication 21 February 1995. Copyright 1995 by The American Phytopathological Society. doi:10.1094/Phyto-85-520.

There have been many studies on relative parasitic fitness in plant pathology since Leonard's (5) pioneering work in 1969. Measurement of relative parasitic fitness offers an efficient way to quantitatively analyze host-pathogen interactions (2,3,6,12,13). The relationship between parasitic fitness and other related concepts also has been discussed (1,9).