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Hypothetical Genotypes for Low Reaction to Puccinia recondita in Eight Wheat Cultivars of India. M. S. S. Reddy, Associate professor, Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, College of Agriculture, Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University, Hyderabad 500030, Andhra Pradesh, India; Phytopathology 70:392-393. Accepted for publication 8 June 1979. Copyright 1980 The American Phytopathological Society. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-70-392.

Eight commercial Indian wheat cultivars were tested, analyzed, and grouped with leaf rust resistant (LR) monogenic lines LR1, LR2A, LR2D, LR3, LR9, LR10, LR11, LR16, LR17, LR18, and LR19 by inoculating them with 14 American cultures of Puccinia recondita f. sp. tritici of known pathogenic specificity. The grouping showed that cultivars Pusa Lerma, Sharbati Sonora, and Shera each possess gene Lr1 and an additional gene not in the monogenic lines used in this study. Cultivar UP301 had only gene Lr1; Safed Lerma possessed two genes, Lr1 and Lr17; Hy. 65 had gene Lr10 and at least one additional gene; Kalyansona possessed gene Lr18 and one or more additional genes; and cultivar NP4 showed high (susceptible) reaction to all the cultures and hence was considered to be universally susceptible. The presence of these genes was confirmed by examinations of the pedigrees of cultivars. Testing the immediate parents of the cultivars with these cultures may add to the proficiency of the system.