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Influence of Inoculum Concentration on Infection of Red Pine Seedlings by Gremmeniella abietina. C. E. Dorworth, Research scientist, Department of the Environment, Canadian Forestry Service, Great Lakes Forest Research Centre, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada P6A 5M7; Phytopathology 69:298-300. Accepted for publication 22 September 1978. Copyright 1979 The American Phytopathological Society. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-69-298.

Inoculation of Pinus resinosa seedlings with a graded series of inocula of the North American race of Gremmeniella abietina revealed that 2.5 108 conidia per square meter of transplant-bed area were required to kill 50% of the seedlings. In general, the capacity of the pathogen to colonize an artificial medium was reduced after a single passage through the host, although 2% of the isolates recovered from the host showed enhanced growth.

Additional keywords: breeding for resistance, Scleroderris lagerbergii.