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Benzimidazole Penetration, Distribution, and Persistence in Postharvest-Treated Pears. Ruth Ben-Arie, Agricultural Research Organization, Institute for Technology and Storage of Agricultural Products, Division of Fruit and Vegetable Storage, P. O. B. 6, Bet Dagan, Israel.  Phytopathology 65:1187-1189.

Residues of thiabendazole (TBZ) and benomyl were determined by bioassay in postharvest-treated pears (Pyrus communis 'Spadona') after treatment and during cold storage.  The amount of residues found in the fruit was proportional to the concentration of fungicide applied.  The highest amounts remained in the peel, and a declining concentration gradient was formed in the direction of the core.  In this respect, benomyl appeared to be somewhat more mobile than TBZ.  There was a continuous depletion of the fungicidal residues of both compuunds during storage of the fruit, and after 5 months at –1 C virtually no trace of either compound could be detected by bioassay in the flesh or core of the treated pears.