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An Improved Method for Screening Cucumbers for Scab Resistance. D. A. Emmatty, Senior Plant Pathologist, Heinz U.S.A., Bowling Green, Ohio 43402; Phytopathology 64:565-567. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-64-565.

Germination of conidiospores of Cladosporium cucumerinum exposed to 1% Czapek- Dox broth (CDB) was increased compared to that in water. The addition of 1% CDB also widened the temp range optimum (15.5 - 25 C) and decreased the incubation time under high humidity (24 h) required for disease development in susceptible cucumber seedlings.

Additional keywords: spore germination, Cladosporium cucumerinum.