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Verticillium nigrescens from Peppermint. H. A. Melouk, Research Associate, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University, Corvallis 97331; C. E. Horner, Plant Pathologist, ARS, USDA, Corvallis 97331. Phytopathology 64:1267-1268. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-64-1267.

Verticillium nigrescens was isolated from peppermint plants showing mild wilt symptoms. Average size of V. nigrescens chlamydospore produced on potato-dextrose agar was 5.14 × 6.40 µm. The fungus grew well at 20 to 25 C on Czapek Dox agar and a mint rhizome medium. Inoculation of eight plant species revealed that V. nigrescens colonized the roots and was weakly pathogenic to peppermint, spearmint, tomato, eggplant, and pepper.

Additional keywords: Mentha, Capsicum, Lycopersicon, Solanum.