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The Influence of Inoculation Procedure on the Host Range of Pea Seed-Borne Mosaic Virus. A. A. Aapola, Research Associate, Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center, Prosser, Washington 99350; J. E. Knesek(2), and G. I. Mink(3). (2)Research Virologist, M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, University of Texas, Houston 77025; (3) Plant Pathologist, Prosser, Washington. Phytopathology 64:1003-1006. Accepted for publication 15 February 1974. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-64-1003.

A total of 47 plant species representing 12 families became infected with pea seed-borne mosaic virus (PSbMV) when inoculated either by two mechanical inoculation methods or by use of two aphid vectors. No single inoculation procedure caused infection in all 47 species. The data indicated that infectable species can be classified into three general groups: (i) highly susceptible species in which most individual plants could be readily infected by either rub inoculation or by aphids; (ii) marginally susceptible species in which only one or two plants were infected regardless of the inoculation method; and (iii) species whose apparent susceptibility or immunity was dependent upon the inoculation technique. Seventy-four plant species were not infected by any of the inoculation procedures.

Additional keywords: aphids.