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Isolation and Effect of Temperature on Spore Germination, Radial Growth, and Pathogenicity of Curvularia senegalensis. Shaw -ming Yang, Research Plant Pathologist, U.S. Sugarcane Field Station, Southern Region, USDA, ARS, Houma, La. 70360; Phytopathology 63:1541-1542. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-63-1541.

Curvularia senegalensis was isolated from sugarcane seeds, greenhouse bench sand, sugarcane field soil, and air, and cultured on potato-dextrose agar (PDA) amended with various fungicides and streptomycin; and from leaf lesions on sugarcane and johnsongrass seedlings on PDA amended with streptomycin. The cardinal temperatures for spore germination in 1% sucrose solution were 10, 20 to 35, and 40 C; for radial growth of the fungus in culture, 10, 30, and 35 C; and for pathogenicity on sugarcane and johnsongrass seedlings, 15, 25 to 30, and 35 C, respectively.

Additional keywords: selective media.