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Inheritance of Resistance to the Pea Seed-Borne Mosaic Virus. D. J. Hagedorn, Professor of Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin, Madison 53706; E. T. Gritton, Associate Professor of Agronomy, University of Wisconsin, Madison 53706. Phytopathology 63:1130-1133. Accepted for publication 17 March 1973. DOI: 10.1094/Phyto-63-1130.

When Pisum sativum plant introductions P.I. 193586 and P.I. 193835, resistant to the pea seed-borne mosaic virus, were crossed with eight susceptible commercial cultivars, the F1 progenies were all susceptible. Backcross and progeny-tested F2 segregation ratios fit the hypothesis that resistance to the virus is conditioned by a single recessive gene. Populations evaluated in F2 were somewhat variable, but, in general, they support this hypothesis. Both P.I.ís appear to possess the same genetic factor for resistance. We propose that the recessive factor for resistance to pea seed-borne mosaic virus be designated sbm.